Andy Palmer Flight
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Some flights copied from the SCPA discussion Forum

Description yr_mo-day
Paiute 06_09-25
Walts to Bishop 06_09-24
Magees 06_09-23
Pine to Nenanche 06_07-15
Pine to Rose Valley 06_06-29
Pine Saturday 06_06-24
Skyport in June 06_06-13
Skyport Laps 06_03-30
Skyport to Matilija 06_03-15
Skyport to the beach 06_03-14
Skyport lap to the beach 06_03-13
Skyport to Foothills behind Carp 06_03-04
Skyport to Bailard 06_03-01
Skyport to Parma x2 06_02-18
Columbia 06_01
1st Owens Valley Flight 05_10-22
1st Flight at Pine 05_06-30