Bo Criss Flight
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Some flights copied from the SBSA or SCPA discussion Forum
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Description yr_mo-day
Skyport to No Name to Castle to East Beach 12_03-26
EJ Bowl to Ojai 12_03-03
Skyport to Bates 12_02-19
Skyport to West Bowl to Padero 12_02-12
Alternator to Los Olivos 12_02-04
Alternator to the Factory to Solvang 12_02-04
Alternator to Sarzotti Park Ojai 12_01-28
Training Hill to Wilcox to Shoreline Park 11_09-25
Skyport 06_10-06
Woodrat 06_05
Skyport 06_05-07
Brazil 06_03
Alternator to Chismahoo 06_02-12
Skyport to Shotgun Field 05_11-27
Pine to Trona Cutoff Road / 118 miles 05_08-07