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Ron Meyer

Monday, 3/31/06
Skyport to Castle to Skyport to Beach

The day had the makings of something special, but conditions OD'd pretty quickly and cloudbase seemed too low and too widespread for a reasonable attempt at the pass.

Other than that, the day was very fun.  Lots of lift, lots of sink, and a low save for some excitement.  Didn't take any whacks, but had the vario pegged over 1400 fpm a few times.  I took the drift from one thermal about 50 feet over a hiker on a road near some powerlines where I caught a fattie and went up 2000 feet to cloudbase... circling round and round using the hiker as my center of focus.  I love it when that happens.  I wonder what the hiker thought, watching me climb up and away while the sound of my vario pegged slowly faded away...

Ran downrange out on the front points eastbound, tagged Castle Ridge, turned around westbound, gave Deano a high five as we crossed paths, came back to Skyport, and enjoyed a super smooth glide to the beach.

Another great day in SB.