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Gavin McClurg
Sunday, 3/8/2020

Skyport to Ojai

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Comments Copied from SBSA Telegram

Posted 3/9/2020 at 11:26 AM in response to Tom's posting about Tom's perception of the day
It was a bit tight over the pass, but climbs everywhere!  Man it was unstable and glorious.  It was Iím sure fine to carry on past Ojai, just too unfamiliar w the area still and was afraid I was flying into a Venturi that would have been a little wild.  Next time Iím following you!!

Posted 3/9/3030 at 11:22 AM in response to Dylan's posting
you came through where I landed 2.5 hours later, that was the key! I should have toplanded for an espresso!  Sweet ride.  Iíll put my stove in next time

Posted 3/9/3030 at 11:05
super impressive line Tom! Wicked efficient flying. As I headed into Ojai zone the West was getting pretty strong and rowdy, should have stayed out front w you. @dylanlaughlin came through on my line I think later and whistled right through, so in retrospect I should have slowed down as I think it mellowed (Dylan curious how your wind was?), was looking at Windy in the air and saw strong S flow past Ventura at noon which made me nervous, but I should have forwarded to 2 pm as it backed off. Needed an air buddy! Nice work everyone, what a day!!

Posted on 3/8/2020 at 9:20 AM
Room or time to jump in with you guys? Just leaving Loganís.



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