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Active Air Turbulence 2017_10
Progression P3 2015_06-20
Progression P2 2014_12-05
Ramero Westbound 2014_12-01
Cloud Rules 2014_11-05
The Nuthouse (on the SCPA server) 2014_01-19
Comments on Tim Barkers flight through Casitas Pass 2014_01-02
Early Westbound Leg from SB 2013_11-26
Factory Flap / AOA 2010_11-13
SCPA Forum Thread 2005_03-24
Windy HG Launch from Bates 2004_09-21
The Pass Eastbound 2004_02-04
Sharon's L1 Compression Fracture 2003_03-30
Wing Loading Options    &    DHV 2002_03-08
Balance 2002
Ojai Low Level Flow 2001_10-07
Overmatched & Out of Control 2001_08-23
Plowshares & Convergence 2001_05-29
Picking Days, Santa Barbara Weather 2001_03-20
Wind Shadows 2001_03-06
Asymmetric Angle of Attack 2001_02-01
Thermal Turbulence 2001_01-28
Spin 2001_01-20
Asymmetric Tuck with Spiral Dive                  2000_12-31
Life on Course 1997_11


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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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