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Activity Index

Description / Overview / Article Link year_mo-day
Griswold Convergence toward Home 2024_05-10&11
Malibu Invasion 2024_03-15
Between Storms 2024_02-03
New Years Day 2024_01-01
Rincon Coast Rookie Run to Ventura 2023_12-29
SE Bowl / 1st Takeoffs 2023_10-19
Plowshare / New Site Records 2023_05-13
Snow Day Santa Barbara 2023_03-30
Pine SS to Beach + Walts to NV 2022_10-08
Pine to Ojai and Ventura 2022_09-28
Pine to Antelope and Nordhoff 2022_09-27
First Post Frontal of Fall 2022
Multiple Pilots from Skyport Eastbound
Eagle Pine Clinic 2022_09-02-04
Late April Boutique Fishbowl Flights 2022_04-24
Late April OTB 2022_04-23
Figueroa 2022_04-06
San Cayetano Ridge Pioneer 2022_03-26
EJ past the Rose Bowl / 108.0 miles 2022_02-24
Pine SS to VOR to Padaro 2021_11-24
To Ojai & Back from SB and Pine 2021_11-13
Pine SS / P2 pilots 2021_08-27
Pine 97 miles 2011-09-11
Pine NS 6K Launch (photo set) 2005-08-13-14
The Rat Race 2005_05-31
to 05_ 06-04

Activity Index started in 2021

the activity folder is used for shared resources linked to group activities
Tom's (SDs) flights are not listed here, they are listed under the log folder
Amigo flights are stored in the amigo folder and listed under the individual pilots
Amigo flights might use the activity folder for shared resources linked to group activities when those resources are not archived in the log folder, as when Tom had no flight but the day is still archived.

The long term goal is to index some of  the past activities. Activity stuff (like shared headers and weather) was  previously stored in multiple locations in the "amigo/1_sets folder", the "events" folder, and also under the "occasion" folder. Those folders have been deleted so external links to those resources will break but the referential links within paraglide.net should remain intact.  Currently the group activity resources should be accessible via the individual pilot flight articles.


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