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SD's Flight Log Index

inReach Satellite Tracker: https://share.garmin.com/TomTruax

All of Sundowners flights since January 01 are logged here
plus there are some noteworthy flights archived at [amigo]
& John Scott (aka Southside) maintains a web list of site records at

Description / Overview / Article Link year_mo-day Flt
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xxx year_mo-dy IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Skyport to Logan's (Hwy 150) 2024_02-21 IGC KMZ      
Skyport / Lost in Clouds Past Cathedral to St Mary's IGC KMZ      
EJ to the Painted Cave Windmill to the Buckhorn 2024_02-11 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Painted Cave Windmill past Piru
and back to the Buckhorn
2024_02-10 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Painted Cave Windmill to El Carro
Tandem with Tammie
2024_02-09 IGC KMZ      
EJ to the T 2024_02-03 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Painted Cave to Snowball Daddy
to West Bowl to Elings
2024_01-01 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Ventura Harbor 2023_12-23 IGC KMZ      
EJ to Cocopah 2923_09-10 IGC KMZ      
West La Cumbre to the Alternator to Saint Thomas 2023_09-10 IGC KMZ   Overview  
West La Cumbre to East Beach 2023_09-09 IGC KMZ      
Plowshare to Ojai 2022_05-13 IGC KMZ   Overview  
Skyport to VOR to Carpinteria High School 2023_05-06          
Skyport to Painted Cave to Cater 2023_05-05          
Skyport to Parma          
Skyport to Canalino School 2023_05-02          
Oat to San Cayetano Ridge 2023_04-29          
Skyport to Santa Barbara Junior High 2023_04-22          
Oat Mt to San Cayetano Ridge Tandem with Kristyn 2023_04-09 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to PCW to Chiefs to Honey Lane 2023_04-05 [Flt 2]
[Flt 1]
VOR snow to Ontare & Skyport to Summerland 2023_03-30 [Flt 2]
[Flt 1]
Bates to Gas Plant to La Conchita 2023_03-26 [Flt 2]
[Flt 1]
Bates Local 2023_02-26          
Fillmore x2 2023_02-12          
Fillmore to San Cayetano to past Piru 2023_02-11          
to PCW to Noon to Viola (vairo fail) 2022_12-13          
Skyport x2 / Parma and Carpinteria Reservoir 2022_12-12          
Skyport to Montecito to VOR to Fillmore 2022_12-06          
Skyport to Westbowl to Hall Rd (past Toland) 2022_12-05          
Oat x2 2022_12-03          
EJ to PCW to Puckers to Nordhoff 2022_11-20          
EJ to PCW to Divide to No Name to Viola 2022_11-19          
Tandem w Jamie Bishop / EJ to Birnam Wood 2022_10-30          
Skyport to VOR to La Conchita Gas Plant 2022_10-23 IGC KMZ      
Pine SS past Thorn Pt to Lookout Pt Park Summerland 2022_10-08 IGC KMZ   Overview  
La Conchita Gas Plant / Local 2022_10-02 IGC KMZ      
Pine NS (6K Parking Lot) to De Anza School 2022_09-28 IGC KMZ Solo Ayvri Overview  
Skyport to Painted Cave Windmill to Past Piru 2922_09-21 IGC KMZ Solo Ayvri    
Eagle Clinic / Pine SS to Viola Field (Carpinteria) 2022_09-04 IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to White Ledge Ridge to Nordhoff IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Top Land IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Pine NS to Ozena 2022_09-03 IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Pine SS to Nordhoff HS IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Summit School 2022_09-02 IGC KMZ      
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Laps to Top Land IGC KMZ      
Bates x3 to 400 and 500 over but double flush 2022_05-08          
Nuthouse Fishbowl Tour / to Ramero to Simi Valley 2022_04-24 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group] Overview  
Skyport to VOR to Piru 2022_04-23 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group] Overview  
Skyport low cloudbase fishbowl to East Beach 2022_04-21 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group] Overview  
Skyport to Painted Cave Windmill to Fillmore 2022_04-14 IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Skyport to Fillmore / Low along CR / N wind above 2022_04-13 IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Ventrua Avenue to Comstock 2022_04-09          
Skyport to West Bowl to Carpinteria / Post Frontal 2022_03-29 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] Overview  
Ventura Avenue Into (8 pilots) 2022_03-25          
Skyport to Cathedral to Fillmore 2022_03-19 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group] Overview  
EJ to PCW to the Polo Field 2022_03-12 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group] Overview  
Skyport to VOR to Piru 2022_03-06 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to VOR to Bates 2022_03-04 IGC KMZ      
Colombia 2022_02-14-20          
West La Cumbre to East Beach 2022_02-06          
Skyport to West Bowl to Noon to West Bowl to Elings 2022_01-01 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to VOR to past Piru 2021_12-26 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Solimar 2021_12-24 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to to No-Name to Miramar Beach 2021_12-17 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to PCW to El Carro Park 2021_12-11 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to PCW to Puckers to Nordhoff HS 2021_12-10 IGC KMZ      
Pine SS laps to Nordhoff Back Ridge 2021_12-04 IGC KMZ      
Pine SS to the High Step to Upper Ojai 2021_11-28 IGC KMZ      
West La Cumbre to East Beach 2021_11-28 IGC KMZ      
Chiefs to Besant Hill School (Upper Ojai) 2021_11-20 IGC KMZ      
EJ to VOR to Summerland 2021_11-14 IGC KMZ      
Pine SS to the Topa Bluffs to Soule Park Golf Course 2021_11-13 IGC KMZ Ayvri
[Solo] or [Group]
Nordhoff to the RnR 2021_11-12 IGC KMZ      
EJ Double Golf Course Flush 2021_10-29 IGC a
Ayvri [Group] or
Solo [Flt 1] & [Flt 2]
Bates to Ventura Harbor 2021_10-18 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo]    
Chiefs to the Topa Bluffs to Summerland 2021_10-14 IGC KMZ Ayvri
[Solo] or [Group]
Tandems with Andrea x2
Skyport to Valley Club Golf Course
West La Cumbre to Summerland
Chiefs to the Topa Bluffs to Summerland 2021_10-02          
Chiefs to Loma Alta 2021_10-01 IGC KMZ Ayvri [Solo] [Group]    
SIV Clinic / Lake Berryessa 2021_09-24-26          
Pine NS to Hwy 14 / 67.7 miles 2021_08-30 IGC KMZ Group Ayvri    
Pine NS Tandem with Emily Diebold 2021_08-15 IGC KMZ Ayvri
[Group] or [Tandem]
Skyport to Reserve Deploy 2021_04-18          
Skyport to PCW to Santa Paula Peak (SPP)
to Divide to Lake Casitas
Nuthouse to Malibu 2021_03-21          
Bates to Gonzales Rd Oxnard 2021_03-20          
Skyport to PCW to Solemint / 77.5 miles SLOFD 2021_03-12          
Skyport to VOR to Boyds (Ojai) to Viola (Carp) 2021_03-06          
Skyport to VOR to Topa Bluffs to Main School (Carp) 2021_02-21          
EJ to PCW to Santa Paula Ridge (SPR)
to Casitas Pass (CP) to Nordhoff
Skyport to Cathedral to T-Time (Carp) 2021_02-10          
EJ to VOR to Steckel Park (short of Santa Paula) 2021_02-04          
Skyport to Painted Cave (PC) to Nordhoff
to Casitas Pass (CP) to Nordhoff
Skyport to Rancho Matilija 2021_01-26          
Skyport to No-Name to Piru 2021_01-24 IGC KMZ Solo Ayvri    
Skyport to Piru 2021_01-21          
Brotherhood NS to Parma 2021_01-15          
Skyport to VOR to St Thomas College 2021_01-01          
Brotherhood NS to Padaro 2020_12-29          
West La Cumbre Tandem with Chelsea to Summerland 2020_12-27          
Skyport to VOR to Puckers to Casitas Pass (CP) 2020_12-18          
EJ to TF to VOR Spine to RH spine to East Beach 2020_12-06 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
EJ to Cathedral to TF to VOR Spine to Park Lane 2020_12-05 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
EJ to RnR to VOR Spine to Noon to Miramar Beach 2020_11-30 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
EJ to PCW to Ojai to West Ramero to Summerland 2020_11-27 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to TF to PCW to Coyote Creek to TF to Viola 2020_11-26 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport x2    Flt b to La Cumbre Peak to Summerland
Flt a to Miramar Beach
2020_11-22 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
IGC KMZ Ayvri  
Skyport to Painted Cave Windmill to Fillmore 2020_11-10 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
Skyport to the VOR Spine to San Cayetano to Somis 2020_11-09 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
Pine NS to Ojai 2020_11-03 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
Bates to Ventura Avenue to Marina Park 2020_10-25 IGC KMZ Ayvri Overview  
EJ to VOR Spine to San Roque 2020_10-12 IGC KMZ Ayvri Photos  
Skyport to Painted Cave to WSD to Summerland LPP 2020_10-01 IGC [Solo]
[2 OTB]
[2 On Course]
Brotherhood NS to Summerland Polo 2020_09-30 IGC KMZ Ayvri Photos  
Skyport to VOR to Viola Fields 2020_09-18 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Crew / Eagle Van / Pine to Beach and Santa Maria 2020_09-05          
Fillmore to San Cayetano Ridge / Helicopter Rescue 2020_09-05 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Pine to Thorn Point to Watershed Divide to Matilija Gate 2020_08-30 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Pine to Alamo to Carp Beach 2020_08-16 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Nuthouse to Hines Peak to Westmont 2020_08-14 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Painted Cave to I5 2020_05-30 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to No Name to Oat (Top Land) to Past Fillmore 2020_05-20 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Bates to Emma Wood 2020_05-18 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to VOR to Fillmore 2020_05-13 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Pained Cave to Fillmore 2020_04-15 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to VOR to Carp 2020_04-11 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Fillmore to Santa Cruz Creek (North of Lake Cachuma) 2020_04-07 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport to Puckers to Red Mountain 2020_03-28 IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Skyport Past Piru Again 2020_03-26          
Skyport and Bates Tandems with Renee 2020_03-23          
Fillmore to Tajiguas Creek 2020_03-21 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Skyport Past Piru  / Wed Flt 3 / 55.2 miles
Skyport to Parma
  / Wed Flt 2
NS Brotherhood to top land  / Wed Flt 1
2020_03-18 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
IGC KMZ Ayvri    
IGC KMZ Ayvri    
Nuthouse to Nordhoff HS 2020_03-12          
Skyport to San Francisquito Cyn / 69 mi 2020_03-08 IGC KMZ Ayvri    
EJ to VOR to La Conchita 2020_03-03          
Skyport to Painted Cave to Home 2020_02-14          
Fillmore to Summerland 2020_02-13          
Bates to Viola Fields 2020_02-12          
EJ to Painted Cave to No Name to Calle Caridad 2020_02-12          

old index format (pre 2020)

New Year Chase 2020_01-01
T-Hill Sleder 2019_12-28
Bates to Muscle Shoals 2019_12-
Skyport to Muscle Shoals 2019_09-30
Bates Tandem with Tess 2019_09-29
New Year Elings 2019_01-01
Bates IP6 test flight after repair 2018_09-03
Fillmore to Sespe (Crash) 2018_07-07
Nuthouse to Toland Rd /  Tandem with Susan 2016_04-21
Skyport to Painted Cave to Ventura Harbor 2018_03-17
Bates tandems with Joe 2018_03
Nordhoff Vario Fail to out landing 2017_10-24
EJ Bowl to VOR to Fillmore with Mitch [partial archive] 2017_10-16
Fillmore to Garey (east of Santa Maria) 85.1 miles (partial archive) 2017_09-02
Skyport to Parma 2017_04-01
Skyport to La Conchita 2017_03-25
Skyport to Valley Club Golf Course 2017_03-25
Bates to Olivas Golf Course (Ventura) 2017_03-22
Skyport to CHS / Tandem with CS Lling 2017_03-22
Bates to Ventura Avenue 2017_02-11
Skyport to East Beach / Tandem with Laura 2017_01-27
Bates to Ventura Harbor 2017_01-21
Skyport to Elings / New Year Day 2017_01-01
Tandem with Dawn from EJ's 2016_12-26
Tandem with Sukruth from EJ's to Robins 2016_11-20
Watershed Divide Convergence:
Chiefs > Pine > Ocean Tour > Polo Fields
Fillmore to Carpinteria 2016_04-02
Skyport to Cathedral to I-5 (Castaic Junction) 2016_03-31
Wilcox / Tandems / Tess and Laura? 2016_03-19
Wilcox / Tandem with Laura 2016_03-18
SB Laps: EJ > Painted Cave > TF > VOR > WL > Ocean > CHS 2016_03-16
Bates to Taylor Ranch 2016_03-13
Bates Tandem with Laura 2016_03-12
Skyport to Pained Cave to Powerlines to Bates 2016_02-07
Skyport to Parma Tandem with Peter on custom glider 2016_02-05
EJ to Cienegutas / Tandem with Laura / her first mountain flight 2016_01-27
Bates Tandem with Laura 2016_01-17
Elings Tandems 2016_01-16
Bates 2016_01-10
West Bates 2016_01-09
Pine Crash 2015_09-11
Pine NS to Vallecito  [partial archive / need narrative] 2015_08-29
Pine to Victorville / 115 miles [partial archive / need narrative] 2015_08-27
Pine Mid-August Opener 2015_08-16
Oat Mt (Fillmore) to Santa Ynez (67 mi) 2015_07-19
Above Elings T-Hill plus Wilcox 1 and 2 with Joel 2015_07-05
Pine North Side to Cobblestone Peak to I-5 2015_06-13
Bates Test Flight after line change 2015_06-06
EJ to Painted Cave to Rosamond / 94 miles 2015_04-04
EJ Tandem with Garrett  [partial archive / need narrative] 2015_03-01
Skyport to Ventura Harbor [partial archive / need narrative] 2015_02-28
Bates / Light and Straight In / 60th Birthday 2015_02-21
Skyport to Painted Cave to Fillmore 2015_02-14
Skyport to Lake Casitas via 23 Turn Points 2015_01-31
Skyport to La Cumbre Peak to Cate with Peter 2015_01-02
Nuthouse to Elings 2015_01-01
Skyport past Westbowl to Puckers to Honor Farm 14_12-27
Skyport Tandems x2 / Painted Cave and Nordhoff 14_12-26
Skyport to Painted Cave to Fillmore 14_12-06
EJ's to the Alternator to Viola Field / Carpinteria 14_11-28
Skyport to the VOR to Fillmore 14_11-25
Bates / 20 minutes / 1st flight on IP6 14_11-23
EJ's to Parma / Tandem with Peter 14_11-19
Chiefs to Cold Springs School Tandem with Peter 14_11-08
1st Rain Storm of Season / Skyport to Ventura 14_11-01
Weak Cold Front / Skyport / Painted Cave / CHS 14_10-25
Boutique Fish Bowl / Nordhoff - SB - Pine - Ojai 14_10-04
Skyport west past the VOR and east past Piru 14_09-28
Bates Switch / first post frontal of the season 14_09-27
Nuthouse Past Garlock / 111 Miles 14_09-14
Wilcox / Fathers Day Tandem Flights 14_06-15
Wilcox / Jacqui Smith's First PG Flight 14_06-13
Skyport to Painted Cave to Rancho Sespe 14_05-15
Nuthouse past Divide and back past Piru 14_04-16
Skyport to Parma plus Bates 14_04-04
Bates x4  / Fading Post Frontal 14_03-30
Wilcox with Tess 14_03-23
Skyport to Westbowl to Fillmore, Tandem with Evan 14_03-16
A River Too Far / No Flight from Oat 14_03-09
Wannabe Sunday 14_02-09
Bates with Tess 14_02-01
Oat Mountain to East Divide 14_01-25
Nuthouse to Topa Bluffs to Carp 9200 Ft 14_01-15
SB Social Sunday, Lap from EJ's to VOR 14_01-05
Weak SB Sunday, EJ's to Cater & SP to Beach 13_12-22
Nuthouse Santa Anna Fishbowl 13_12-14
Skyport to the VOR to Saint Thomas College 13_12-08
Skyport to Painted Cave to Chiefs to Fillmore 13_11-24
Skyport mini lap to top land 13_11-23
Oat Mountain Fizzle 13_10-26
Skyport to Painted Cave to Fillmore 13_09-28
Bates Social (last day of summer) 13_09-21
Pine to Borax / 93 miles 13_09-14
Bates with Tess on Fathers Day 13_06-16
Bates with Tess / 450 over beach 13_06-05
Top Land Topa Bluffs 13_06-01
Bates Sleader with Tess 13_05-24
Chiefs to Lockwood Vly / Tandem with Susan 13_05-11
Bates with Tess 13_05-08
Chiefs to Power Line Ridge to Fillmore 13_05-03
Tess's first Mountain Flight from the Skyport 13_04-20
Bates 13_04-01
Skyport to Chismahoo Trail to Lake Casitas 13_02-10
Bates to Ventura 13_01-06
SB Sleders 13_01-05
Ojai 40 Mile Fishbowl 12_11-24
Skyport to Painted Cave to Parma 12_11-11
Nuthouse, Chiefs, Fillmore 12_05-05
Nuthouse to Rancho Sespe 12_04-28
Skyport Fishbowl 12_04-15
Alternator to Repeater to Divide / Flush & Hike 12_04-07
Bates Variation / Rain and Wind 12_03-17
Skyport to West Bowl to Lions Park 12_02-20
Skyport to West Bowl to Cold Springs School 12_02-17
Bates Attempt Before a North Blow 12_02-15
Nuthouse to Goleta 12_02-04
Skyport to the Monastery 12_01-17
Xmas Eve Sleader / Skyport to the Beach 11_12-24
La Cumbre Peak to Divide Spine to Cate School 11_04-10
Skyport to Fillmore 11_02-21
Skyport to No-Name to Divide to Carpinteria 10_12-31
Skyport Sleder to SBJH 10_12-23
Skyport Sleder to East Beach 10_12-06
Black Friday, Skyport to Cathedral to Parma 10_11-26
Bates Laps 10_11-22
Skyport flush to Parma / Diablo to Ballard 10_05-28
Skyport to Parma / Post Frontal Flush 10_05-12
Skyport to Ramero to East Beach 10_05-10
EJ's to East Beach 10_05-02
Skyport to to Home (Carpinteria) 10_05-01
Bates to Pitas 10_04-28
Elings with Sam, Tyler, Lucy, Tess, & Max 10_04-25
Elings Tandem with Lucy and Tess 10_04-18
Skyport to Painted Cave to Viola Field 10_04-13
Bates, Light and Straight In 10_04-10
EJ's, VOR, the Peak, to East Beach Convergence 10_04-08
Nuthouse to Nordhoff to Montecito Crash 10_04-07
Bates No Fly, too much wind 10_04-05
4 flights, Skyport x 3 plus Bates to La Conchita 10_04-03
EJ's to the VOR to Home (Carpinteria) 10_04-02
Bates to Pitas Point 10_03-30
Skyport to Painted Cave to Parma 10_03-27
Skyport to VOR to Castle Ridge to Skyport 05_10-28
Skyport to VOR to Ortega Hill Beach 05_09-05
Kagel Lap to La Cresenta 05_08-28
Pine past Cal City Tandem with Sharon / 90 Miles 05_08-07
Tess's First PG Flight 05_07-30
Pine SS to 138 05_07-17
Pine SS to Nenanche, Tandem with Sharon 05_07-14
Skyport to Fillmore, Tandem with Sharon 05_06-18
Black Mountain 05_06-13
Skyport to Laguna Ridge 05_04-24
Bates Wind Follies 05_03-21
Skyport to Carp and Bates to La Conchita 05_03-20
Skyport to Calle Ocho 05_02-26
Skyport Tandem with Sharon x3 05_02-24
Skyport to VOR to Twin Peaks to Round House 05_02-08
Skyport with Sam & Josie 05_02-06
Skyport with Sam 05_02-05
Skyport to Polo Tandem with Pam 05_02-04
Skyport to Hwy 150 05_01-05
Skyport to the Mission 05_01-01
Skyport Tandem with Lynn's Dad 04_11-02
Skyport to the VOR then past Fillmore 04_10-29
Bates to Oxnard 04_10-28
Skyport x2, Painted Cave & Casitas Summit 04_10-22
Bates Tandems x5 04_10-17
Pine to the Beach 04_09-25
Chiefs to Painted Cave to Chiefs to 126 04_09-22
Skyport to Oat Mt / Fillmore 04_09-20
Bates to Marina Park 04_09-19
Pine 121 miles 04_09-11
    Labor Day Weekend Summary 04_09
Chiefs to Toro Canyon Backyard with Sharon 04_09-06
Chiefs to Santa Ynez Peak with Jessie 04_09-05
PG Trio from the Skyport 04_09-04
Pine Sled Ride 04_08-29
Skyport in August x2 / solo & tandem 04_08-22
Pine x3 to I5 & Ojai 04_08-15
Pine SS x 2 & Topa x 2 04_07-31
Pine Blown Out / no fly 04_07-26
Pine to Cuddy Valley 04_07-18
Pine to Lockwood 04_07-10
Bates 04_07-09
Skyport to Gobernador 04_06-10
Pine NS to Ojai with Sharon 04_05-31
Topa to Piru 04_05-03
PG Trio at Bates, Tom, Sam, & Elijah 04_04-06
PG Trio at Bates, Tom, Sam, & Dylan 04_04-05
Topa Points 04_04-04
SB to Summit School / Tandem with SS 04_02-29
Bates to Ventura 04_02-26
SB lap to Carpinteria 04_02-23
Nut House to Cate 04_01-21
Saturday Weather Archive 04_01-10
Skyport to Fillmore 04_01-04
No Fly / North Wind 04_01-03
Skyport to Hwy 150 03_12-31
Skyport to Painted Cave to St Thomas 03_12-28
Skyport to Pigeon Farm Golf Course 03_12-27
Bates to Marina Park 03_12-26
Nut House Laps 03_11-23
Brotherhood Hop 03_11-22
VOR to Fillmore 03_11-16
SB South Coast x 11+ 03_11-14
West La Cumbre Sleder x2 03_11-08
Tandem with Randall / 63 mile SB record 03_11-02
Topa to Summerland 03_10-19
Owens Valley Fall Attempt 03_10-18
Pine x2, Decision & Oakview 03_09-13
Topa 03_09-07
Oh 4 Two, Black Hawk & Garlock 03_09-01
Wilcox Tandems with Family 03_08-22
Topa High Temp laps x2 / Nuthouse / Fillmore 03_08-10
Pine x3 / Thorn Point & Back / Lockwood 03_08-02
Pine x2 / Tandems with Randall & Mike 03_07-27
Sam's First PG Flight / Bates 03_07-26
Pine x4 / Tandems to Nowhere with Sharon 03_07-20
Ojai Tour from Chiefs 03_07-04
Skyport to the Biltmore 03_06-22
Cathedral past Fillmore 03_04-30
Skyport past Piru 03_04-26
Bates x 3 03_04-25
Skyport x 5 03_04-23
Nut House to Goleta to Carp 03_04-16
Nut House to Fess Parkers Fountain 03_04-07
Brotherhood Sleder 03_03-19
Bypass to Bates to Ventura Harbor 03_03-16
Weak / Skyport to San Ysidro 03_03-09
Skyport Past Piru 03_03-05
Tandem w/ Sharon, Skyport to Moorpark 03_03-02
Tandem w/ Sharon, SB Laps to Carp 03_03-01
4 Tandems to Nowhere with Randall 03_02-26
Chiefs to East Beach 03_02-09
Nordhoff to 33 to Piru + 03_02-08
Nordhoff to Skyport to Goleta 03_02-01
Nordhoff to Back Step to Santa Paula 03_01-26
Chiefs x3 +1 03_01-19
Tandem with Sharon at Chiefs / Weak 03_01-12
Nut House to Koenigstein 03_01-01
Nordhoff Exercise 02_12-08
Bypass x 3 02_12-07
Skyport past Fillmore 02_12-01
No Go 02_11-29
Chief's to Koenigstein 02_11-23
Nut House past Fillmore 02_11-16
Nordhoff to VOR to Envenergy 02_10-06
Skyport to Fillmore 02_09-07
Pine SS to Grade Valley & BuenaVentura 02_09-02
Pine past Mojave 02_07-14
Pine SS Around the Pattern 02_07-06
Skyport to Home / Tandem w/ Tom Corn 02_05-22
Nut House to Moorpark College 02_05-11
Pine x4 to Ojai 02_05-04
SB to Piru 02_04-30
Ojai to Santa Barbara to Carp 02_04-21
Brotherhood to Carpinteria 02_04-06
Pine Season Opener 02_03-30
Bates x 3 02_03-24
Bates x 2 02_03-23
Lunch Hour Tandem with Jolene from Skyport 02_03-19
Bates to Marina Park (Ventura) 02_03-17
Skyport to San Francisquito / New Record 02_03-15
Nut House to Goleta 02_03-09
Nordhoff / SB / Carp / Tandem with Jeff 02_03-03
Skyport / The Peak / Home 02_02-23
Chiefs Tandem with Captain Tim 02_02-16
Skyport Tandem to SBJH 02_02-10
Nordhoff to Carpinteria 02_02-09
Nut House / Nordhoff / Round House / Carp 02_02-02
Skyport to Goleta 02_01-31
Topa / Fillmore 02_01-20
Skyport to Carpinteria 02_01-19
Lunch Hour Tandem with Eric From Skyport 02_01-16
Nordhoff Sled Ride 01_12-24
Bypass to Biltmore 01_12-22
Skyport Tandem x2, Doug & Carmelina 01_12-16
Nordhoff High Clouds 01_12-08
Nut House Overcast 01_12-01
Post Frontal x2 01_11-25
Skyport Lunch Hour 01_10-31
Chief's / Laps / 3 legs, 29 miles 01_10-13
Nut House / Laps / 5 legs, 54 mi 01_09-29
Kagel to Azusa 01_09-22
Nut House Pre-season 01_09-15
Pine Thunder 01_09-03
Pine SS x2 01_08-25
Pine 57 01_08-18
Pine NS x2 01_08-12
Black Hawk, 61 miles 01_08-06
Team Topa Sugar / HG 01_07-08
Guillermo Meadow 01_07-01
Pine, 5 legs, 69 miles 01_06-23
New Records / 145 mi 01_06-16
Kagel to Rising Hill Road 01_06-09
Pine NS to Ojai via The Gorge 01_05-26
Pine Chase 01_05-23
Pine NS to Rose Valley, Wild 01_05-20
Plowshares Chase 01_05-12
Plowshares to New Cuyama 01_05-06
Skyport to Cold Springs w/Peter 01_04-27
Skyprot to Carpinteria 01_04-22
Skyport Bushwack w/Ron 01_04-20
Skyport to Beach w/ Mike 01_04-19
Skyport to Rancho Sespe 01_04-14
Skyport to Beach w/ Ron 01_04-13
Liminator to Indian Dunes 01_04-08
Skyport to SBJH w/ Jeff 01_04-03
Solo / Bypass to Parma 01_03-25
Nut House to Westmont 01_03-18
Skyport to Beach w/ Jim 01_03-13
OD 5 flights / SB 01_03-11
Skyport to Work w/ Shane 01_03-07
Nut House to SBCC 01_03-03
Nut to Summit 01_02-04
Skyport / Painted Cave / Fillmore 01_01-28
Nut House to Carpinteria 01_01-20
Reserve Deployment # 8 01_01-14
Bypass to Carpenteria High / pg 01_01-14
Skyport to Fillmore / pg 01_01-13
Trees  / pg 01_01-07
Nordhoff to El Capitan / pg 00_10-23
Paraglider Lands in Jail 97_05
124 / pg 94_06-11
SB to Pine Mountain and back to SB / hg 88_10-09
Pine Mountain to Ludlow / 179 miles / hg 88_09-10
SB to Malibu / hg 88_03-12
The Billboard to Calabasas 87_05-02
Pine SS to Panamint Valley Road 156 Miles / hg 86_09-06
Pine SS to Panamint Valley Road 156 Miles / hg 86_08-09
Pine NS to Marina Park / hg 86_07-02
Walts Point / 2 Weekends in June / hg 86_06-15-16-21-22
Pine SS to Santa Barbara Pier
through tall cumulus clouds and low stratus / hg
Pine SS to Saint Thomas (SD)
and Surfers Pt, Ventura (Mega Man) / hg
Alternator NS to Point Magu / hg 85_03-28
Pine SS Past 395 / 105 miles / hg 84_09-05