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Peter Weldon
Friday, 1/31/2020

EJ Launch to Fillmore

Reference: [IGC Text Data File] and [Google Earth KMZ File] or [Ayvri Web Animation] and [JPG Overview]

Total SLOFD (Straight Line Over-flown Distance between 2 points) 46.4 miles
2020 LFSD score: 46

Article Submitted by Peter via email and the SBSA Telegram Chat Box

Super fun flight launching EJ around noon.  The conditions mostly matched what I saw on the GFS with light to nill onshore winds the whole flight with a few exceptions like crossing the Power Lines (just before Noon Peak) and Highway 33.  Those crossings had 10 MPH and sinky air with flocks of seagulls dropping loads onto my wing.  Like white bird droppings, what are they eating?  How's that possible? eh...

The climbs were cohesive, consistent and mellow through the entire Santa Barbara range.  Then the air changed significantly in Ojai with climbs starting at the lower points and moving rapidly in a punchier climb to 6,000 or so.  It got noticeably colder at 4,500 feet.  No seagulls were noted at those altitudes.  The flight at the base of the Topa Bluffs was nerve wracking being deep and low.  I yelled at the sky to get things moving again and found a climb that got me across the valley to Santa Paula Peak, climbing close to terrain.

The glide to Fillmore was uneventful until about 2000 feet when the mixing air masses from the valleys upset my zen and got my attention.  Offshore flow from the east that was increasing in velocity toward the ground.  Screwy air until touchdown while moving backwards. I stupidly tried to kill the wing with brakes, got plucked and dragged a bit... So next time I'll try to kill the wing by pulling the A risers? Truax was there for the retrieve and I can't thank him enough.  Thank you Tom for retrieve!

Chase Notes: Tom Truax noted onshore flow in Ventura but flags in Santa Paula were blowing offshore about 10ish mph.  The flags in Fillmore were stiffer offshore.  In reviewing Peter's Ayvri web animation it appears he didn't start encountering much east wind until he left the protective cover of Oat Mountain as he flew out into the river flow, about 25 hundred feet MSL (2K AGL)

Editor's Notes: as of Peter's Flight Article Submission, this flight is in [1st place] for the [2020 LFSD Challenge] with a score of 46 points



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