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Tom Pipkin
Tuesday, 1/5/05
Bates to Ventrua
~ 14 miles (LFSD points ~ 14) Tied for first place as of 1/4/05

Iím not much of a ridge guy, but that was a blast.

After Deano launched the wind increased to 24 mph at the peaks, well beyond my comfort level.  Another pilot asked me if I thought it might back down.  I said, ďno friggin way itís been my (limited) experience that its only going to get strongerĒ.  Those of us still at launch had thrown in the towel and were walking back to our cars.  Deano reported that he was well down the coast with big altitude and he said it was super easy.

I was almost back to the car, but just had to check one more time.  One last wind check at the lip.  The gusts had backed down to the mid to high teens and the direction was still good.  I side hill launched from the ice plant and quickly climbed to 800í at the east ridge.  I was on my way to Ventura.

Deano was right, it was way too easy.  He had made it to Taylor ridge in record time.  I played it safe tanking up at every opportunity.

Bob launched a few minutes later but missed out.  The wind direction had clocked around from the west.

Deano hung out at Taylorís patiently waiting for me so we could get some photo ops before landing together at the state beach.

Chris G. and fat mouth Ron gathered us up and we ended the day with dinner and the Orange Bowl game at Eric Ericssonís.

Editors note: This was Tom Pipkin's first "Rincon Run"

[Ventura LZ Keyhole photo]