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Tony Deleo (El Diablo)
Sunday, 11/27/05
Chief's Peak westbound to the Back Step (just east of White Ledge)
Back eastbound across Hwy 33 to the Pyramid
Back westbound across Hwy 33 to Bump 3
Eastbound to Fillmore
Back westbound to NHS
Land at Villanova

Ojai John, I and Tom Pikin opted for Chiefs.  The lake in Rose Valley had northwest on it and there was very little wind at the crest.  Takeoff at 11:30 to 5300'.  Took the back ridge to Nordhoff and went on glide west bound to Bump 2.  Just short of White Ledge I ran into 16 mph northwest head wind.

Back to the Pyramid.  Up to 5,300'.  Back across to Bump 3 where I was in the lee of White Ledge.

OJ hearing my reports had turned back east to Chiefs.

On the way back east at 6,300' feet I was being pushed out of the mountains by a 10 mph wind from 000.  Passing Twin Peaks I flushed off of Boyd's to Upper Ojai.  At the base of the foothills smooth thermal where OJ and I both climbed out with OJ spending most of the time on top of me at 6K.  We were off to Santa Paula Peak where I was able to climb to 6,300' and on glide to what I thought would be Piru at least.

At Fillmore just south of Ronnies Roost (Oat Mountain) I ran into the east wind and decided to attempt an out an return to Ojai.  With 4k in Fillmore I ran for Santa Paula Ridge and was able to work my way up to the top of the ridge.  East of San Cayetano, and with OJ in sight east bound, I drifted over the top of Santa Paula Ridge climbing to 7,300' . OJ was to land in Fillmore.

It was an interesting perspective flying west instead of heading east.  Into an 8-10 mph head wind I rounded the corner at Puckers and climbed to 6,300' on the south side of the bluffs.  On final to Nordhoff High School arriving at 4K I opted to land in the long field west of Villanova.

3:00-3.5 hour flight, who knows how many miles?  The air was nice and smooth, had communication with OJ most of the time and communication with chase the whole flight.  It was great flying with OJ and watching him work it up at Santa Paula Peak.  I'm sure he can embellish this. The forecast had called for a sharp inversion at 4,500' this was not the case in Ojai.