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Wind Shadows

On a windy day, a thermal bubble can grow bigger if protected from the wind.  Thermals are usually stronger on the sunny side of a spine, but if the both sides are receiving good sun then the strongest thermal lift will usually come off the lee side because itís better protected from the wind.  If a spine is lined up with the wind, then the thermals can roll up the spine like a snowball, however, if the spine is across the wind, then the stronger thermals will come from a wind protected source.

You have to be careful when looking on the lee side for a thermal.  If you donít find one you want to be able to get back to the windward side or keep going to the next potential trigger.

How close the points are spaced will affect your search strategy.

When there's wind, you want to stay outside on the downwind glides and inside on the upwind glides.


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