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West La Cumbre to Parma (comment)

Just watched the Cracka Sauce La Cumbre video
for the 3d time over the past few years.  I didnít find anything in the video I would disagree with and recommend that pilots new to our range watch it.  I would like to add a comment now that pilots have been flying from our recently refurbished West La Cumbre launch in the afternoon.

In reviewing various recent inReach tracks, it appears that most newer pilots launching from WLC will do what Aaron discourages if they donít get up at The Peak.  Many pilots are currently hanging a left in front of the Peak and running toward the RnR.

When the wind is light from the west, I think the better route to Parma is to follow the saddle (connecting the Peak to Cathedral) out and over (or around the west side of) Cathedral.  You can then go left toward Tunnel Tit from Cathedral and over the Holly Hills toward Saint Maryís or Parma.  As Aaron notes, gliding low across the east face of The Peak rarely works if the sweet spot above the saddle isn't working.  Connecting saddles behind high points are generically good places to fish for buoyant air in light wind because air flowing around upwind features will often converge on the back side over the saddles.  The glide to Cathedral is shorter than the glide to the RnR, the Cathedral route is a better trolling path with more potential for up air along the way, and the altitude is worth more out front.

In a light west wind (typical in the afternoon) you can usually get back to Parma from WLC.  Aaron discusses landing at Robbins, but I think he might be talking about early in the day when it is typically upwind toward Parma?  Robbins is a good LZ, easier than Saint Maryís, but you canít drive to it and will need to walk out to the locked gate (Ontare Rd / 20 minutes). You are more likely to end up short and might need to use Robbins or Saint Maryís if you linger too long  and get low at the Peak.  If you canít maintain up high over the back of the saddle with a figure 8 or 2, then go fishing southbound over the saddle toward Cathedral.  If you donít leave too low, you can usually clear the Cathedral Thumb and wonít have to take a lower and longer route around the west side








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