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The Liminator to Painted Cave Windmill to Santa Paula Peak to Trancus

Saturday, March 12, 1988, 10:30 AM
The Liminator to Painted Cave Wind Mill to Santa Paula Peak to Trancus
Straight line distance from Painted Cave: 65 miles. Around 2 plyons: 82 miles
5 hours and 12 minutes airtime
Seedwings Sensor 510

Flyin a bit rusty early on.  Climb behind the White House and work back to The Factory.  Broken thermals and slow climb but, high CUís and hour before launch.  Tony reaches cloudbase and takes the lead east.  I head west and flounder at Painted Cave as Brother Don crosses the pass to the Gun Club.  I round the wind mill and get back to launch at noon (slow).  Pick up the pace and catch Bill at the Power Lines and Tony at Santa Paula Peak.  Easy going with good altitude, 7+ through Ojai.  Run into East wind at Santa Paula Ridge.  Work upwind around first peak and climb to 6.  Mystery Man (Randy Liggett) reports a convergence out front.  Head out (south) and climb to 63 with Tony half way to South Mountain.  Sant Ana / onshore convergence line.  Climb to 75 at South Mountain.  Follow convergence line and climb at Camarillo (over house), Canejo Peak, Newberry Park, Bonny Ridge, and last hill before beach.  Head offshore looking for convergence but NE wind going over top of low level west.  Pick up tail wind below 1500.  Arrive at Trancus with 500í and land in standard LZ at 3:42 PM.