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Monday, 10/23/00
Nordhoff Peak to El Capitan

Four Pilots: Ron & Dave from Sylmar on HGs with Steve for Crew, Tony & Tom on PGs with Eddie on lead chase from La Luna.

Tony was first off from Nordhoff about 11:30 PDT, followed by Tom, Ron & Dave. Getting to 78 at launch with later pilots reporting 85. It was SW at launch down low and a bit ratty at 35 with south draw, but above 5 it smoothed out and the drift was from the SE up high.

Easy going across the pass with 8+ but down to ridge line and lower from Summerland to Montecito against a locally stiff draw from the SW. Not much wind on the water.

Ron took the lead at Romero Saddle but his glider must have a left turn because he flew out with 45 to land at Hamonds. He reported good scenery on the beach and wanted to land on real sand from Topa.

After 5 or 6 miles of headwind the drift switched from the SE approaching the Factory. The altitudes got better behind SB with Diablo reporting 69 at No Name.

Across San Marcos pass the wind was from the south with locally stiff draw and the PG pilots had to dolphin along an be selective working from the mid 2ís to the upper 3ís. Around Condor Point the East started to catch up and push through.

All three pilots left from Santa Ynez Peak (about 43 miles). Tom flew out to El Capitan with 35, Dave topped in the convergence about 56 and he followed Tony OTB to land west of Lake Cachuma about 4 pm.

Tony Deleo, Diablo, Firebird Flame (PG)
Tom Truax, Sundowner, Firebird Matrix (PG)
Ron Weiner, Wills Wing Fusion (HG)
Dave Cutter, Predator (HG)