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Nut House (Ojai) to Carpinteria
14 miles from the Nut House to LZ
New Nut House Straight Line Open Distance Record

Launched from the Nut House about 12:30. Climbed under Kristi to the ridge line and headed east toward the main spine. Climbed to 42 and tried connecting one more point towards Nordhoff, but too much east wind so fell back and climbed to 4+ again. Headed across 33 get’in a good glide with the tailwind. Arrive on the other side ok and work up toward White Ledge. Getting over 5 near the top and come in behind The Peak. Glide around to the West Ledge. Search for about 15 minutes trying to connect and finally leave with 53. Would’a been better to have 63 but… A couple hundred here and there along the back ridge, committed. Squeak over the saddle behind E Divide and get back to 45 along the back ridge. Wiggle around the front of W Divide with 43 (Divide is 47) and climb to 45 but couldn’t get to the top. Getting late and week. Left West Divide out front with 4+ and ran downwind to Noon Peak. Got there with 34 and climbed to 41. Tried to glide out, but down to 36 it didn’t look like I’d make it so… I turned west again and worked the bumps getting a couple hundred here and there. Got on the spine behind Snowball and headed out with 3000. Ok on the glide but couldn’t clear the top of Snowball so I went around the west side. Got to my house with a thousand and had a good landing in the park. 2:30