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Nut House to Summit School

6 pilots climbed The Nut. (Benson, Art, Bob H, Ron F, Bill B, & myself).  Met @ 9:30 and started climbing at 9:45.  Art was quick but I was dragging and took an hour.  It was mostly draining on the way up with the occasional up draft, so there was no hurry.  On launch there was some wind from the east.  Camarillo reported 060 @ 20 and Debbie was claiming light out of the north.  High pressure and hot.

We cleared some more brush on the east side while we waited.  The steady east wind subsided and I launched before Noon.  A couple hundred below, I found a week small one in close and climbed to 600 over.  The thermal went almost straight up with little drift.  I got back on the terrain and found some convection and worked to within a couple hundred of ridge line.  Dolphin over to Spine 1 and climb to 4+.

Mostly getting into the low 4's with ok glides.  Got to 48 up behind Twin Peaks trying to get back to Chiefs, but some wind from the NE up the spine.  Fish for a thermal at West Repeater and leave with 41.  Get to East Repeater in the hole and find a bubble on the east side.  I usually don't go around the corner but the wind was real light.  Up to 41 again and get to 36 off the west side of Boyd's.  Try the east spine and come limping back low.  More patient and climb again to 41 and fish up the spine.  Limp back again, hang on, and flush.  No wind but buoyant over Summit School.

Relax with a burger and thumb back the Pizza Place for a beer with the Boys.  Change a flat on Topa Chase and head home.

A new pilot, John, had climbed up to check it out.  Everyone got up except Benson.  There were some low saves and good flight stories.