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Skyport to Work for Lunch

Out the door at noon.  In the air by 12:40.  Land on the RR tracks behind work and back at the desk by 1:30.

First flight during lunch hour at new job.  Weather looked ok so I brought the flight gear to work for the first time.  Checked the weather about 10:30 and again at 11:45.  Asked Shane if he wanted to take his first flight and he responded decisively.  Casey couldn't sit at his monitor while we were going out the door so he grabbed the bandit and came along.  Frank would'a crewed but we had extra.

In a hurry so launch at the end of a cycle and get stuck below launch.  Hang on and finally climb out to 35 and move over to the R&R for the low level scenery.  The thermals were small but well organized with soft edges and pretty good sink on the outside.  Left near widely scattered and dissipating cloud base with 36 hoping for something over the Holly Hills.  We were on final glide.  The drift was from the west and we kept a little crab angle to the right thinking we would keep the park at Cota Street within reach.  We passed to the right of Parma and went with the drift crossing the Rivera on the east end with 16.  We were still in a diminishing west wind and looking at the east side bailouts but the flag on the pier was from the SE.  We had the Beach made around Milpus when we started getting into the flow from the east so we fell off again and headed for work at Santa Barbara Street and the RR tracks.  Lot's a puddles and too many lines behind SB Street so we opted for a dry spot on the tracks just east of Garden Street.

Casey had his first flight on the Bandit.  Got to 38 and could' a made the glide but left low because it was getting late.  Landed at Parma.