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03/11/2001  Sunday

Thick OD and lowering cloudbase
5 flights:

  1. Skyport to Mountain Drive
  2. Skyport to Hammonds Meadow (Beach)
  3. Bypass to El Cielito & Gibraltar
  4. Bypass to Summerland
  5. Rincon to La Conchita

We called the weather wrong.  I thought we were on course.  The forecast was for building high pressure with mostly sunny skies and potential Sundowner winds late.  The lapse rate was better than forecasted and I didn't bother to notice the dew point.  Debbie was reporting sub freezing, dew point was around 40, and the surface was in the high forties at sunrise.  It was sorable a hour after sunrise.  The 9 am meet time was way late.

Tony picked me up early and with assist from Frank I was airborne from the Skyport before 9.  It was already over developed with a little marbled sun out past the monastery.  Down to 17 out in front of The Rock before I found something to turn in.  It was weak but got better and I reached cloudbase at 28.  Tried to go uphill with 29 but flushed off The Factory.  Fizzle and land on Mountain Drive.

Back to the Skyport for round 2.  No sun.  A weak thermal over The Antenna Farm and climb into the low 3s.  Cloudbase was in the mid 2s.  Nice landing on the lawn behind Montecito Shores next to Hammonds Meadow.  Frank got me back up to the Bypass

Darker yet.  Searched the spine above the Rock and flush out.  Saw some birds thermalling over The Monastery so I wanted to get back up and try again.  Landed down wind uphill on El Cielito next to Gibraltar.

Caught a ride in 5 minutes and was airborne again.  Really dark this time with cloudbase dropping down to The Round House and light drizzle.  Still a good lapse rate.  Found a weak thermal in the saddle behind the Monastery and gain a couple hundred drifting back to the Round House spine.  The thermal got better at cloud base and I climbed slowly to 38.  Was getting cold and wet so I pulled out of the smooth lift and headed south east.  Regained reference over the College and pulled a glide to Summerland.  Landed at QAD.

Social lunch at Pedero Grill for a couple of hours and head up to the Rincon.  Some zero sink but not enough to stay up.  Land at La Conchita.