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Skyport to Beach
Tandem with Jim

Another lunch hour assault.  Creg, Casey, Mike, Tom & Jim.  We got to launch about 12:15 and were off in 10 minutes.  Flying tandem with Jim from work.  Could only get a couple hundred over launch and moved over to the R&R.  The wind wasn't too strong, but was tearing up the thermals.  It was hard to get in a full 360 and stay in a thermal.  There were some edges and pretty good sink.   Couldn't get any higher over at the R&R and finally fell off to The Tit.  Back up to 31 and run back to the R&R.  Casey was getting up better at The Factory, so we wanted to head over.  Cruise back to launch, but got a bad glide and arrived in the hole.  Couldn't get up, so run to SW finger of The Factory.  Hang on but fall off to the Antenna Farm.  Get there a hundred over and climb back up to 31.  Jim was getting a little green so we headed out.  A lot of sink leaving with drift from the west.  Casey was up higher on the Factory and flew over us on his way to the beach while we were climbing.  Crossed the East Riviera and fell below the west wind about 1,000 feet.  Picked up light SE out at the beach.  Casey landed at the baseball field at the end of Milpus so we joined him.  Good landing.  Jim called Tricia and she send Shane.  About 2 hours door to door with 45 minutes airtime.

Creg and Mike flew their HGs and landed at east beach.

Other pilots were up high earlier, and there were several bags doing well when we went back to work.