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Friday the 13th
Another Lunch Hour
Skyport to Beach with Ron

We were hoping to get up on Thursday, but too much action in the office to get away. Jones'in by Friday, at launch before noon. A little haze and fog on the water, but clear with a good lapse rate and light wind. The day took awhile to turn on. The Spin Doctor was airborne as we rounded the climbing rock, and Tom Beidler was up shortly after. Casey was next with style points. The Doctor and Beidler headed over to The R&R and Casey got up. Ron Mckown and I got off in a good cycle and were 75' over by the time we got to the spine. We promptly fizzled into a hole and were forced to head out from a couple hundred below. We got on the spine below the Antenna Farm and connected. Casey had fallen off also so he came in and helped mark the edges. We got up into the high 2s and stepped up to The Factory, connected, and climbed to 46. We needed to get back to work, but had to take a tour of the R&R. Topped about 48 and got out to The Pier with plenty. Came back to the tracks behind work and back at the desk in two hours. Casey and Craig went to East Beach. I'm not sure about Tom B and the Spin Doctor, they were both skied out over the Factory. Bruce got up at launch, but was seen practicing a RLF downwind into the Postage Stamp. Art launched about 1:30, got 3 or 4 hundred over at launch, didn't step up, and fizzled.