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Skyport to Beach
Thursday Lunch Hour Tandem with Mike from Production

Good lapse rate, fading sun.  Variable cloud base just below the Skyport, but you could see out from time to time.  Take off about noon and leave launch a hundred below.  Poor glide around the Round House, and arrive at The Rock a couple hundred over with 17.  Light drift from the SE down low.  Week climb to cloudbase at 25 where the lift got better and up to 38.  Could'a gone higher, maybe 5, but mike was starting to get a little woozy.    Pop out near the College.

No radio, but chase, Craig Warren, called on the cell phone from Parma.  We told him East Beach.  Realizing drift from the west at altitude we started to fall off toward Summerland, but couldn't get Craig back on the phone.  We dropped below the west wind about 2 grand and headed back from The Biltmore for East Beach.  Let Mike fly over the ocean. Sweet landing into a light west on the grass .  Craig pulled up and we were back at work just after 1 o'clock.  100 minutes desk to desk.