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Skyport to Carpinteria

The weather was a disappointment.  We were hoping for higher tops and more action.  We were stuck in the marine layer, trapped below a mild NW flow.

We got to launch about 9:15.  On the way up, it was coming in ok at The Rock , but The Liminator was calm.  I crewed a truck down and caught the next ride up.  Airborne at 10:30.  Left with a hundred over.  Hung on at The Factory but got low looking east.  Ran over to Parkers and topped about 28.  Too much flow from the SE to make the connection over to Montecito, so I worked back to The Tit, up to the R&R and top landed on the road behind The Liminator.

Took a 1/2 hour social break and relaunched.  Up and over to the R&R.  Topping about 34.  Work back over to The Factory and flush off the East Spine.  Run for Parkers again and leave for Montecito with 27 on a good line.  Low connections all the way with a lot of scratching.  Leave Castle Ridge behind the 4th point with 34.  Get to El Carro Park with 400 and hang out for 10 minutes.  Land about 2:15.  Walk home and in the door by 2:30.