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04-27-2001, Friday Lunch Hour

Skyport to Parma & Skyport to Cold Springs with Peter

We were suppose to go on Thursday, but too much action at the office.  Tricia was scheduled, but didn't bring shoes.  Peter was curious and took the spot.  The day before was good with LeAnne taking her first flight to the beach.  Today was trending more stable.  Up the hill with Casey, Craig, and Ron on crew.

Everyone was getting up ok, but we hung on to launch too long and left low.  Got to the spine below the Antenna Farm and hung on, but were impatient and looked out front.  Nothing doing and tried to land at The Rock.  Multiple passes, but too much lift, and run out for Parma.  Peter was getting green.  Landed close to Mountain Drive, but the grass was 5 feet tall and we came in on a thistle.

Should'a known better, but stubborn, so up the hill for another try.  The drive didn't do Peter any good and he was worse by the time we got to launch.  We got up at launch and hit on The Factory.  The wind was starting to come up and blowing it apart.  Peter couldn't take any more so we headed for Cold Springs School.  Pretty good west above, but SE on the deck.

Casey & Craig landed at The Beach.