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8/25/2001, Saturday

Pine SS, 2 Flights
To Apache Canyon Ranch
To Half Way Station

Calling for light wind from the north.  Slightly better than average lapse rate, but dry.  Got to the south launch after noon.  It was cycling in from the SE, up to the high teens.  14 PG pilots + Edward.  Ron F, Benson, Dan K, Bill B, Brendan, Kristi, Bob H, Zvi, John K, Sharon, Tom P, Tom B, Tom T, and ?

Second off, behind Ron F.  Crossing from the east with some wind turb.  Didn't feel comfortable drifting back from launch, so get a few hundred over and look out front.  Found one and took it up to 10K, drifting down the ridge toward the Parking Lot.  Tom P was underneath, helping mark the leading edge, and Ron F was otb scouting west of 33.

Went otb past the parking lot and angled west.  Got back up in a thermal Ron marked over 33.  Ron wasn't having much luck toward Cuyama, so I went for the other side of the River.  Crossed over the plateau north of Ozena, and on into Apache Canyon.  Nada.  Kristi tried Dry canyon with no luck, but had light wind.  Tom P and Brendan landed at the Half Way Station.  Ron & Tom P had trouble with the stiff west wind and got dragged.  Zvi was somewhere on the NS.  Art skipped over the lower level NW for the longest flight to Ventucopa.

Benson landed on 33 north of Wolf's grill, in windy lee side turb.  Dan K went for the Sand Pile and Tom B came up short.  Bob H & Bill B??

Back to launch with chase and try again.  Airborne just before 4.  Less turb but sill windy.  Ran out front 2/3 of the way to TJ's.  Drifted back and stepped forward a couple of times.  Topped about 88 back up by The Summit.  Tried to speed bar toward the headwaters, but iffy, so otb again with 75.  Gain a thousand on the north side.  Trail chase was getting ready to go mobile from The Half Way Station, so I ran for the ride.

Stiff SE on the south side, and stiff lower level (below 5,500') NW on the north side, but only mimimal convergence over the ridge.  The airmasses seemed to be shearing rather than converging.  No action over the flats, even late in the day.