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Skyport to Ramero
Tandem with Katie

Were hoping for an early start on the first post frontal day of the season, but things heated up at work, and the best we could do was an extended lunch hour.  Craig & I work in a dark interior room, so we took a look around 11.  Tempting vertical development with higher cloudbase in the upper 4s through Casitas Pass.

Got to launch a little after noon and found a gaggle ready to pull up.  The vertical cu was fading to stratus, and cloudbase was getting lower.  We had an advantage being loaded light.  Up a couple hundred at launch and over to the R&R.  Got there a little low, but not in the hole.  Couldn't find one right away and fell out to The Tit.  Worked up and played back for the R&R again, coming in about the same as the first time.  Better luck and work up a bit above 4 for a view over the back.

Got into the high 3s at The Factory.  A hundred of Shadow Peak, and the high 2s on the east spine of Montecito Peak.  Came in low on the west end of Ramero and struggled up to ridge line.  Katie was a keeper and actually seemed to like the tummy churning, but I got impatient and moved east along the ridge as soon as we got even.  Should'a stayed on the point for a couple hundred more.

Found some scraps below the road cut, but fizzled down to the front point.  Could'a run for the Golf Course, but we had light lower level east so I took it back down wind for the front point off the west spine of Ramero.  Nada.  Tried the foothills in front of San Ysidro Pt, but the day was going flat.  Good landing in Stewart Whitman's Yard.

The gate was open, so we walked out and packed up in a neighbors driveway.  Back to work for champagne.

The day was weaker than we were hoping for.  I think it was better earlier, but it didn't block till later in the morning.  The north was light for a Post Frontal day, so if the day was stronger, it should have blocked earlier.