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Saturday, 12/1/2001

Nut House
1 hike, 2 flights, to flush

Was hoping for a better day.  Good lapse rate, but building prefrontal clouds in the forecast.  The system was ahead of schedule, and we didn't have much sun to work with.

The hill climb was refreshing.  Good  footing in the soft ground and cool temps.  We watched the best sun come and go, hoping it would get better.  John K was first off and took the day.  He worked the week stuff to about 12 hundred over, and got past Spine One to Pyramid Peak.  I took two tries myself.  Got 75' over in the launch cycle, but fell below in the lull and landed on the spine hoping for another try.  Tom P held on for about 15 minutes, but never got enough sun to see a dim shadow.  The sun was gone for good, but I did get off again with a little more light getting through.  Worked a couple of thermals to 300 over, and that was it.  Easy landing in the parking lot of the Nut House.

The highlight of the day was the Party at Sharon's.  A memorable feast with good mates and all the comforts.