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Saturday, 12/22/2001

Bypass to Biltmore
2.5 hrs

Looking for post frontal, but there seemed to be low clouds stuck under an inversion. Variable high clouds as well.  We used Topa Chase and Frank to get to The Skyport, but it was blowing down and socking in below.  Back down to The Bypass for a front pull up at 10:30.  Around the corner to The Rock and worked small weak stuff back up to 2K.  Hanging in there until the day got stronger.

Climbed up to the low ridge of the Factory (28), but finally fell off in a down cycle.  The Antenna Farm had been in the shade for some time, so I looked down the spine from the Round House to find the sun line.  Got back to 21 in the back of the gap behind the Monastery and took it downwind to the Holy Hills.  Up and down a couple of times, but finally got up and over to The Tit.  Topped a little over 3K and ran uphill for the R&R, but couldn't hold on.  Across the face to the Skyport, but got there low in the hole.  Almost got up, but not quite.  Tom B was 100' over me and I couldn't get into his action.

Left low and pulled a glide back to The Rock.  Got up and headed back to the Holy Hills with 25+, but it was up wind this time so I came in low.  Hung on up and down, but finally fell out front.  Found a seam and took over to the gap behind the Monastery.  JR had a weak thermal marked, and I worked back up.  Took about 20 minutes to get from 16 to 19.

It was getting crowded and cloudbase was only about 25.  Cleared traffic and wiggled up to about 27 for a glide to the beach.  Got there with plenty and headed down to the Biltmore.  No wind in the flag, so the approach to the front lawn wouldn't work.  There was another lawn on the east side (right where the road makes it's 90) that looked doable and I did.  Fun approach to a sweet landing on target, a little after 1.  The spectators were impressed.  A French artist with blond pig tails came over to check, and offered a ride.  Back at Parma 15 minutes after touchdown.

Beer at Franks