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Wednesday, 1/16/2002

Lunch Hour Tandem with Eric
Skyport to Birnam Wood Golf Course

My first flight of the new year.  The lapse rate was good, but the humidity was high, so cloudbase was low and getting lower.  Good launch, hang on at The Antenna Farm until the sun came out.  Climbed up and tried Parkers, but came limping back upwind.  Back up and on course with 34.  Up to 35 at East Montecito, but cloudbase was only about 22, and even lower in front of Ramero.  Left low and got a poor glide out.  Good landing on the 7th hole.

Security gave us a ride to the front gate, and Patrick got us back to work in good time.

Casey flew and Mark Evans did a tandem with SA

Craig flew the large Talon.  Went to the VOR and back to The Practice Polo Field.