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Saturday, 1/19/2002
Skyport to El Carro Park, Carpinteria / ~55 minutes
Bonanza, first solo flight of the year

High clouds early, but we were on the northern edge with potential clearing.  Commit to a quick strike just after 11, and out the door at 11:20.  Flounder at Parma and arrive at launch about 12:45.  Ready for pull up 10 minutes later as a good cycle was winding down.

The Liminator pilots were reporting solid OTB as I waited, but it was only calm to light down at The Skyport.  It cycled in good again and I easily climbed about 4 hundred over.  The thermal was tracking back up behind launch, and Dave's streamer was showing solid up, but I was leery about probing the north edge.  On course the mid altitude drift was from the west.  Got back to 36 at The Factory and took it downwind.  Stuck on the East Spine of Montecito about 25.

Left for Ramero with 28 and climbed back above 3.  It was north on the ridge, but not too bad.  Stuck again at The Road Cut, but left with good drift in the low 3s.  Couldn't make the first spine work, so opted for a low intercept below the middle point.  A couple of figure 8s turned into a good thermal and I was back up to 36.  The drift up above was from the north, and the glides had some lee side stuff mixed in.  Back to 34 on the mid-ridge point, but encountered more north on the glide.

Made a timid play uphill down lower but changed my mind and turned tail.  Over flew Castle Pt #4 with 28 and continued on toward Carp.  The glide was downwind all the way to the mouth of the canyon, so I did ok despite leaving low.  Climbed from 13 to 15 at Snowball, and took it home.  Land at El Carro Park at 1:50.  In the bag and home by 2.

Craig flushed off Ramero and went to the Practice Polo Field.  Numerous pilots flew to East Beach.