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Thursday, 1/31/2002
Skyport to Goleta Foothills

The lapse rate had been stellar  for the past several days.  Monday (-7C @ 6K), John Greynald smashed his previous SB HG open distance record with a 92 mile flight to Palmdale.  Tuesday, Hammer (HG) launched from The Bypass and flew  to Santa Paula.  He reported no turns necessary all the way to White Ledge.  Wednesday, numerous PG pilots reported close to 6K with flights to Santa Clause Lane before encounter more headwind.  NOAA was calling for high clouds moving in for the weekend, so I needed to get some action.

Should'a launched from The Nuthouse, but I needed to take care of some work stuff in SB before playing hooky.  Frank got my truck down the hill and I was airborne at 10:15.

No luck at launch.  Headed out and encountered drift from the east right away.  Pulled a good glide to the Holly Hills and tracked one back up over The Tit, topping about 35.  Cathedral worked good, but West Bowl and No Name were a wash.  Stuck low at the VOR for a half hour.  Finally got up and over to Painted Cave, but flushed down the spine.  Another low save.  Headed across 154 with about 35.  Worked ok on the other side, but the variable south wind was a concern.  Ran for a good point.  Got there even, but between cycles.  On the flush, hoping for another low save, or at least a shorter hike.

Good landing at 11:45 in a small spot.  Pack up and hike to Cathedral Oaks (~ a mile).  Thumb back to Parma.  Get my truck and head out on lead chase for Tom P.  He took the day landing a couple miles past Winchester Canyon.  Lunch at Hamburger Habit with the gang.  Good to be outdoors, nice day in the sun.