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Bates / 2 flights
To La Conchita
To the Rincon Highway, just east of Sea Cliff


Was planning to wait till Sunday, but the home crew went down for a nap around 1:45.  The wind was sweeping down the coast, but the buoys were only reporting gust to about 15.  We had good wind in Carpinteria, but it was light at Bates with no caps in close.  Weak lift to 430' and run uphill.  Bounced up to 455' at the point and did ok on the glide.  Down to 300, but back up over 4 in good air at ridge line.  Dolphined downwind thinking it would be better behind the Gas Plant.  No wind behind the Gas Plant and flush to the beach in front the La Conchita.

Sarah gave me a boost back, and I tried again.  The wind was pushing through better and Sarah gave me a push.  Backing up a bit and left with 450.  Bounce up to 465.  Good glide, staying above the ridge all the way.  Did a couple of turns and left for the Gas Plant on a good buoyant seam.  Got there about 100 below the top and climbed back up to 7.  1,050 behind La Conchita, in the fuzz zone.  Couldn't get higher.  Ok wind up high, but only about 5 on the deck.  Probably could have waited for it to build, but I was on a short clock and had Sarah down below for crew.  950 going around the corner.

Got to the Diving Board about half way up.  No movement in the bushes.  No lift.  Flush out to the Rincon Highway just east of Sea Cliff, land in the driveway down to the county park.  Sarah boosted me back to my car.  The wind was pushing through better, probably could have done better on round 3, but I wanted to save a ticket for tomorrow.

Home by 3:45.  Less than 2 hours door to door.  The troops were still asleep, so I'm good to go on Sunday.  Pack up in the front yard and wander in just as Sam wakes up.