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Saturday, 3/6/2002
The Brother Hood to Carpinteria

The forecast was calling for a thick marine layer with some post frontal clearing in the afternoon.  The clearing was early up in SB.  I was trying to get in a day of desk work, but about 9:45 I threw in the towel and posted a 10:20 meet time for Parma.

Only PG with about 8 to 10 HGs.  Thumbed up and caught a ride right away.  The streamer at the Skyport showed OTB as we rounded The Bypass, so I got out.  The cycles were strong, but variable.  It was blowing down by the time I hooked in.

Caught a ride with Aaron (HG) on their way up to The Brotherhood.  It was a tad light but seemed be building by the time I pulled up.  There was wind from the ENE in front of the PG launch, but the HG launch was light.  It was working best in the gap.  Finally got about 400 over and went OTB.  Flew down the canyon, a bit concerned about going with only 400.  The flag crossing The Skyport was limp, which was reassuring.  It was all shaded in by the clouds out front.  Weak smooth thermal over the Round House.  Got better above 35.  Climbed to 62 / cloudbase.

Tried to hold the foothills, but got blown out to the Freeway in front of Ramero Saddle.  Worked a few scraps on the way.  Mostly final glide after leaving the first thermal.  White caps, but past Summerland, the wind line angled out to sea.  No lower level wind from the Polo Fields eastward.  Dribble downwind and land in a park just short of Linden Ave.

Walk home.  Take the truck to Bates.  It looked like the wind would come in, but it was just teasing.  A couple of pilots launched and got up ok, but only for a couple of minutes, then the wind would back off.  It finally crossed up.

Bob Hurlbett gave me a ride back to Parma.

The HG pilots did ok.  Hammer landed at La Conchita.  Bob Anderson landed at Bates, and several others were scattered around Carpinteria.

The Ojai crew did well on a double header.