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Wednesday, 6/5/13

Bates Tandem with Tess

Wasn't planning to fly, but the wind came up late on Tuesday.  Wednesday seemed to be similar with a good breeze in the trees when Tess got home from school about 3:30.  Loaded gear and headed over.  Benson was stuffing his glider in his car and reported the conditions to be "perfect".  Chris Granthan stayed up for a few passes on a small speed wing?  It was blowing in the mid teens on the mid channel bouy.  We had light caps near the beach.  It was a bit cross from the west on launch.

We got off about 4ish.  Got up into the mid to upper 2s over at the main cliff.  Did some mild wingovers and whoop-de-doos.  Went out over the ocean several times and came back in low.  Everyone left.  The direction seemed to get better and we started getting higher.  Was climbing through 450 over the beach, but Tess started getting cold, so we went upwind a ways, then top landed.  Might have been able to jump the freeway to La Conchita.

About a half hour to 40 minutes airtime.

Packed up in the wind shadow at T-Time.

It also blew late on Thursday, but not on Friday