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Monday, 10/12/2020 [Weather] and [Flight Articles] by [Sarah] [Jesse] & [Sundowner]
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Jesse Nichols
Monday, 10/12/2020

EJ to East Beach

Article Copied from the SBSA Telegram Chat
Posted by Jesse on 10/12//2020 at 10:21 PM

Happy birthday Brett and Austin.
Thanks SD for the wing layout on launch.

On and off cycle at ej.  Launched around 1130?

I took one turn and 50 up in the EJ house thermal and ran over to La Cumbre.  All of the earlier pilots were skying out over the peak.  Found nice lift up to about 6.1k once and then Mostly around 5.6 k.

Floated around for awhile drifting with lift.  Due to work obligations and my car at East beach I took my elevation and headed for the shore.
Nice scenic tour over the Riveria and down town.  Not one bump in the air once I left the mtns.

Flags and boats indicated a west wind, but really wind was south/ south east at beach level.  I landed downwind to BKs laughter from the grass!  East beach lessons to be learned.  Great times and Fun flying with you all.




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