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John Scott (aka South Side)

Sunday, 12/4/05
Nordhoff Peak to The T (hwy 154)
~ 30 miles (30 LFSD points)

What OJ said with a couple of additions. [John Kloer's Article]

Made at least 3 backtracks on my way to Whiteledge.  First, I flew back to the Pyramid after flying about halfway to the Nuthouse spine (didn't like the feel of the NE wind).  The second time I flew back from Bump 2 to Bump 1 and then finally back toward Bump 3 after going up about 2/3s of the way toward Whiteledge along the south side of the Back Bench.

At Whiteledge I decided to step out front from the back ridge line to try and work the high point.  But when I saw Tony getting up on the back ridge a little further west, I decided to give up my position and give chase.

Stayed on the back ridge until West Divide.  Angled out toward Noon Peak where I got up to about 4,500 behind the front point as the first of the PGs into Ojai came by.  From Noon it seemed to be just a series of skips for the rest of the way.

The air was getting a little crowded at the west side of Castle Ridge so I decided to push on despite only being even with the ridge.  Came into Romero below the road cut just above 2k.  Worked it back to 3 and continued on.  Down again to 2 on the east spine of Montecito. Got high enough to fudge over to the west side where I was able to get even with the peak after first getting smoked by both a PG and another HG.

A little skip at Shadow, and another one at Parkers and then over to the White House.  Came in about halfway down to the Rock, but was able to dial into a nice one right way that got me high enough to make it over to the Holy Hills.  There, another glider was struggling to find something, so I decided to continue on to Tunnel Tit rather than hunt around even though I was a bit low.  Came in just above the point that sits below and to the SW of the Tit.  Gained a hundred feet or so, but couldn't get above the Tit.  Decided to take what I had and make a play for the 154.  Gained about 200 ft. below Cathedral and made it to the "T" LZ with about 50ft to spare and 30.02 miles from launch.