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John Scott (aka South Side) Flight Log Index

Some flights copied from south coast discussion forums and John's Blog at

Description year_mo-dy Google
Photo Video
Eliminator past Piru / 58 miles 2015_04-04 KMZ      
EJ Bowl to Soledad Canyon & Hwy 14 2015_03-15 KMZ IGC   You Tube
La Cumbre Peak to Powerlines to Elings 2014_01-01 KMZ IGC   You Tube
Ojai to Carpinteria 2014_11-08        
Pine SS past Mojave 2014_09-14 KMZ IGC    
Pine SS to Lockwood Airport and back to Ojai   2014_06-08 KMZ IGC    
Santa Barbara Sunday Photos 2014_01-05        
Oat Mt Extended Sleder 2013_10-26        
Completing the Circuit 2009_06-28        
Pine to Mojave 2006_09-02        
Walts to Janie's 2006_07-08        
Blackhawk 2006_06-24        
Eliminator to Piru 2006_03-04        
Eliminator to Ventura College 2006_02-19        
Nordhoff to The T 2005_12-04        
Pine to Jawbone / 90 miles 2005_08-07        
Black Hawk to Copper Mountain 2005_07-16        
Crestline OTB 70 miles 2005_04-16        
Black Hawk past Twenty Nine Palms 2005_03-12