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Kayoko Gray Flight Log Index
(common but not accurate English pronunciation is Coco)

inReach Satellite Tracker: https://share.garmin.com/kayogray (NW group on XCfind)

Some flights copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum

Note: some IGC and (and subsequent KMZ) files have been edited to trim the ends and reconcile landing and takeoff altitude with Google Earth.

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xxx year_mo-dy IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Nordhoff HS 2022_09-04 IGC KMZ [Solo Ayvri]    
Eagle Clinic / Pine SS to Nordhoff HS 2022_09-03 IGC KMZ [Solo Ayvri]    
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Thatcher / Sled Ride 2022_09-02 IGC KMZ [Solo Ayvri]    
Eagle Clinic / Chiefs to Thatcher / Mid-Day IGC KMZ [Solo Ayvri]    




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