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Neal Michaelis / aka flychild and or Uncle Neal
Flight Archive Index

inReach Satellite Tracker: https://share.garmin.com/NealMichaelis

Some flights copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum

see also Neal's [Comments] and Some flights below copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum
Note: older IGC files downloaded from Neal's Leonardo Index
some IGC and (and subsequent KMZ) files have been edited to trim the ends and reconcile landing and takeoff altitude with Google Earth.

Description / Overview / Article Link year_mo-day Flt
Photos Video
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xxx year_mo-dy IGC KMZ Ayvri JPG  
Plowshare to Boyd's to Upper Ojai / site record / 67 mi 2022_05-13 IGC KMZ   Overview  
Pine past Little Lake / 123 miles 2022_07-16          
Skyport to Palmdale / 94 miles 2022_05-12          
EJ to Painted Cave to Boyd's to Nordhoff 2021_12-12          
Skyport to West Bowl to Santa Paula Ridge to Nordhoff 2021_12-10          
EJ to Topa Bluffs to Nordhoff HS 2021_03-27          
Skyport to La Cumbre to Astro Aerospace 2021_03-12          
Skyport to La Cumbre to Puckers to Wilsie Cyn 2021_03-06          
Skyport to the Rose Bowl / 90 miles 2018_02-21          
Walts to Nevada 2017_09-02          
Parma Tree / Down Wind Crash 2015_03-06          
Skyport to La Cumbre Peak to Saint Thomas College 2015_02-14 IGCa KMZ   Photo  
Nuthouse to Elings 2015_01-01 IGC KMZ   Photo  
Skyport to Lizard's Mouth to Puckers to Nordhoff HS 2014_12-26 IGC KMZ   Photo Video
EJ's to Padaro Beach 2014_11-25 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to Fillmore 2014_11-25 IGC KMZ      
Chiefs Peak (Ojai) to the RnR to Parma (Santa Barbara)   2014_11-08 IGC KMZ      
Skyport to La Cumbre to Power Line Ridge to Padaro    2014_10-25 IGC KMZ      
Nordhoff Hwy 33 Meander 2014_10-04 IGC KMZ      


Neal's Paraglide.net Comments Index

Description Year_Mo-Dy
Active Air Turbulence 2017_10




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