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Ron Faoro Flight Log Index
from paraglide.net [amigo] see also Ron's [Comment Index]

Some flights copied from the SCPA discussion Forum

Description year_mo-day
Sunday Sirens 2014_09-28
Skyport to East Beach 2012_05-15
Sunday Punchbowl 2014_01-05
EJ's to Thacher School 2013_09-28
Pine to Frazier to Lockwood 2013_09-07
Skyport Bush Whack 2013_05-23
9200 over Chiefs 2013_05-11
Chiefs to Power Line Ridge to NHS 2013_05-03
EJ to Fillmore 2013_01-13
Topa Bluffs 2012_11-24
Nuthouse to East Beach 2012_03-09
Nuthouse Yo-Yo 2012_02-04
EJ's to the Alternator to Factory to East Beach 2010_04-08
Nuthouse to San Antonio School 2006_10-08
Pine SS to Ojai 2006_06-29
Woodrat 2006_05-29
Brotherhood NS 2006_05-24
Skyport, Cold Sunday 2006_02-19
Skyport to St Mary's via Tree Tops 2006_02-18
Skyport to Bates 2006_02-16
Skyport to San Antonio School 2006_01-20
Thanksgiving Sunday 2005_11-27
Skyport to Carpinteria 2005_10-14
Pine NS to Ojai 2005_08-13
Pine to Lockwood / 17,500' 2005_07-17
The Rat Race 2005_06-04
Nuthouse Lap to Chiefs 2005_04-16
Skyport to Smokin Jack's 2005_02-24
Skyport to Carpinteria 2005_02-04
Skyport to Fillmore (almost) 2004_12-04
Skyport to Chismahoo 2002_03-15
Wild Weekend in Santa Barbara 2001_01-13-14