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Friday, 1/27/2017 [Sundowner Article]  [IGC Data]  [Google Earth KMZ]  [Doarama]

Laura's 2nd Mountain Flight

Skyport to East Beach

Bantoo Tandem

Sundowner's Flight Report

I miss my days as an instructor but got a taste of it for Lauraís birthday.  Only her 2nd flight from the mountains.  Her other mountain flight was from EJís on her birthday last year.  Last year we didnít do any turns other than course corrections and a figure 8 for landing due to her propensity for motion sickness.   Laura did much better this year hanging in there for eight 360s which gave us enough to get to the beach with plenty. Only a 22 minute flight, but rewarding on a crystal clear day.

Popped my cherry for my first Uber ride, which picked me up a the Chromatic Arch about 5 minutes after hitting the request button.  Way easier than the "good old days" when we were always stressing about retrieve.  Uber and Lyft seem to be  real game changers?  Quick trip back to Parma for my car, which some spectators drove down the hill for us (Mike and Kim / Thanks).

Since it was Laura's birthday (not mine), we engaged in some window shopping at the mall, then home for a nap and out to dinner.