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Aaron Colby Price Flight Archive Index (for a few local flights)

Some flight data copied Aaron's Leonardo: [http://Paraglidingforum.com/leonardo] Flight List
or you can log in to view his Leonardo profile at http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/pilot/0_9721
Note: some IGC and (and subsequent KMZ) files have been edited to trim the ends and reconcile landing and takeoff altitude with Google Earth.
Aaron is also the current primary meet director of the SoCal XC League https://www.socalxcleague.com

Description / Overview / Link year_mo-day Google Earth Flt
Photos Video Doarama
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EJ Bowl Laps to Piru 2017_09-24 KMZ IGC     1655474
Pine NSPL to Hungry Valley 2017_09-22 KMZ EGC     1655465




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