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Alex Gagarin aka Dizzy
Flight Article

Garlock to Olancha, 55 miles
Saturday, 5/15/10see also

New Site PG Record?

My first flight from Garlock, California.  I flew with hang gliders Southside and Diablo.  Could not clear tangle in lines, which fortunately did not cause any problems.

http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/flight/327859  Flight Data

from Alex's Blog at http://skydizzy.blogspot.com

Forecast was for 5-8 mph south wind almost whole day, cloud base 12K near Garlock and 14K+ in Sierra.  Logistics was little bit complicated because Tony Deleo initially plan to fly from Black Hawk and my only choice was to join Joe Greblo's group riding from Sylmar.  I was not even sure they have room for me and will allow me to go with them, but I took that risk and came at Sylmar LZ at 7:00 am.  After short conversation Joe give me good to go and at the same time Tony call and tell that they coming to Garlock too.  Arriving at launch about 11:00, clouds was everywhere already, light thermal cycles.  I spend about 15 minutes by clearing west launch from bushes and rocks.

Tony took off first, then me and then John (Southside).  I had tangle in lines, which I could not clear.  It was near center of trailing edge and did not affect wing behavior much, so I decide to go with it rather then top land and struggle again with bushes and rocks risking to cut my lines.  I find a good thermal in front of launch and 3 of us topped out at 6200 then Tony went on glide to Black Mt., John find another thermal right away and I sink out to launch altitude.

Next one gave me about 7500, which seems enough for transition to Black.  But going through strong sink I arrived slightly below top of Black.  There is long section of Bad Lands after Black Mt. and I could not find good solid thermal to get up, jumping from one "so-so" thermal to another one and basically maintaining same altitude.  There is a retrievable road behind Bad Lands and when I made there I really could relax, but 300 AGL did not leave me many options.  I was ready to land when heard "beep-beep-beep" indicating that game is not over yet.

Now back to cloud base near intersection of 178 and 14 I don't even need to go to Boomer ridge and glided north along 14.  Most of the cloud was back in the mountains, but I prefer stay in front, speed system was surely affected by tangle and I did not want to be trapped.  Getting close to Olancha, John reported that he is landed safely near road next to power lines.  I also was low and landed near paved road.

By the time I finished packing my staff Eddie picked up John and was looking for me.  Then we chase Tony to Luning, Nevada, had a quick dinner at Bishop and drove back.  I got back home at 2:00 am.