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Alex Gagarin / aka Dizzy
Archive Index

inReach Satellite Tracker: http://share.garmin.com/AlexGagarin

Some flights copied from the SCPA / SBSA discussion Forum, CSS Forum, or Leonardo
Link to Alex's flight index on Leonardo
and Alex's Blog at http://skydizzy.blogspot.com/

Description year_mo-day
Marshall to Soboba and Back / 65 miles 2014_09-14
Marshall to the Antelope Valley / 72 miles 2014_09-12
Elsinore to Marshall (AJX) 40 miles 2014_09-06
Marshall out and return, 41 miles 2014_05-15
Kagel past Barstow 96 Miles 2014_05-02
Marshall to Mentone 2013_12-08
EJ Bowl lap to East Beach 2013_11-23
Skyport to Condor Point 2012_02-05
Garlock to Olancha 55 miles 2010_05-15


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