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Sunday, 12/8/2013 [Weather] and [Flight Articles] by [Cort]  [Dizzy] & [Sundowner]

Alex Gagarin aka Dizzy
Marshall to Mentone

Sunday 12/8/2013

12.6 miiles
Launch :1:03 PM, Landing 2:29 PM
max altitude 5300.

Article Copied from: http://www.crestlinesoaring.org/comment/1338#comment-1338
Posted by Dizzy on

Pretty cold and light conditions today.  It was a sad to watch Dusty and Joe sinking out, but sunny spot over flat lands was so inviting, and I went for it at 1:03 pm.  Found zero sink out front and stay with it for awhile, eventually it turned on and bring me to cloud base around 4500.  There was a cloud street running along the mountains, way out front, pretty unusual route down the range.  I stay under the cloud street until Harrison and then turn to the right toward the Hangar 24 brewery.

Jonathan, thanks a lot for retrieve.

Copied from: http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/flight/852683
Pilot: Alex Gagarin
Paraglider Mantra 4

Takeoff Info
Marshall - US
Mentone - US [~4.5]
XC Info
Linear distance
20.4 km (14.2 km/h)
Max Distance
20.6 km (14.4 km/h)
XC Distance
24.3 km (16.9 km/h)
XC score
XC score type
Free Flight
Flight Info
Max vario
3.1 m/sec
Min vario
-2.5 m/sec
Max alt (ASL)
1630 m
Min alt (ASL)
453 m
Takeoff alt (ASL)
1157 m
Altitude gain
473 m
Max speed
42.0 km/h
Mean speed
24.9 km/h

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