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Benson Lamb
Sunday, 1/14/2001

Bypass to Parma x3

Launched The Bybass around 11:45 with BH.  Worked light lift on the RH spine until a cycle came up and transitioned to the AF where the lift was only slightly better.  BH got some up air at the Monastery and made it to the Holy Hills briefly.  We landed at Parma and went back for a second round which was a little better, got to 28 at the AF but flushed between cycles.  BH went to lower Parma and I landed at upper.  RF came along after not finding a way up to SD so we went up again.  I wasn't planning on flying but RF made it look so good I got my gear out of the bag for the third time today at the Bypass only to have the wind start blowing down on launch.  I must have launched 15 min after RF, but conditions had changed completely.  Cloud cover above AF and the Rock shut down all the up air, I just made it to lower Parma.  Ron had a fantastic flight, playing in the clouds above AF and coming in over E Beach with two grand!  Timing is everything. Meanwhile SD relaunched and flew home.