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Saturday, 1/13/2001

Skyport to Fillmore

Full load up the hill.  Fun launch from the Skyport @ 10.  Wiggle up the R&R and connect to 46.  On course.  Sort'a low cloud base around 35, higher at "Noon", and over 5 through The Pass.  Easy connections but had to plan ahead.  Stop at Chief's for a break.  Little wind and 6 inches of snow with deeper drifts.  Front pull up and back on course.  Getting OD'd.  Up to 67 at Boyd's and pop out over the College.  Run up Santa Paula Ridge but cloud base is 1,000 below the peak.  Work around front but get out of position and end up too low to run back in.  Land on Grand Avenue in Fillmore @ 2 pm.

Thumb back.  Home by 3:45.  Fun day, lot'a snow, not much wind.

South Side almost caught up when I stopped at Chief's, but with OD and week lift, the bag pulled away from John's topless.  He landed a couple miles east of Santa Paula.