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Casey Rodgers
Friday, 3/15/2002

Skyport to Cate School

Big Day

Pretty big day. As a matter of fact, the biggest day I can remember.

I launched and scratched around a bit before climbing to 7500.  Took a nasty wack that made my wing look like the fabric it is.  My hands were freezing, so I split and headed east.  Stayed on the back ridge most of the way .. stopping to turn every now and then in light lift.  At Romero I saw someone climbing high, so I headed out to check it.  A nice boomer to 6500.  I have to get new gloves Ö. Itís cold up there!

From then on, it was tough.

Thermals were being torn apart by the wind, and they were hard to core.  I was also being Ďman-handledí by some rough, pissed-off thermals.

I saw Tom T and his band of adventurers pass me while scooting on the convection high-way Ö never very high, but always moving.

When I got to the Power Lines I really wanted to go, but Ö.. I fought my way back out front and landed a Cateís school.  Oh well.  Not as exciting as Chrisís post.  Maybe next time!

I am seriously radio challenged Ö could not get in touch with anyone.  Iíll get that fixed.

All in all a day I will remember!





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