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Chris Ballmer  aka gracecab
Thursday, 1/1/2015

VOR to the T

Article Copied from: http://scpa.info/bb/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3123#p9263
Posted by gracecab Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:37 pm

New Years Day Non-XC

Unfricking Believable day.  52 sparkling minutes of joy and awesome-ness.

Had a beautiful time with 5 other great folks at VOR.  Great lift, a little bouncy but super uppy.  I'm so technical, I know.  George (P2) got over an hour, everyone else got over launch and stayed up as long as the wind seemed not too onshore hot...  I struggled over the main (right) spine most of the time but enjoyed the challenge of catching and riding the up elevators...  hey mister, hold the door, I'm going up...  Full bar going home over the fields...  I discovered I was only using half my speed so far because I was looking at the wrong pieces...  finally feeling pretty confident with my equipment...  ride the heat-pony!

Then, if that wasn't enough...  i roll up to Elings for the partay..  and lo and behold an angel (OJ) produces an awesome flight suit and guess what... the slipper fit!  Now I look like a Blue Angel...  unfortunately I don't fly like one...yet.  So, dial me in Sir SB Mountain Range this 2015, I'm sure we will have lots of dances together...  Don't get jealous Mr.Bates, you will always be my #1.

Let's get high stay high and stay safe, and make new friends this year and enjoy being free as a bird this year and live large...  you only got one, make it count

Chris Ballmer
Ventura, CA
Buzz Z4 / Gin Verso


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