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Dave's Website http://sierraparagliding.com  /  Dave's Viemo Video Index: http://vimeo.com/user5961980/videos
Dave's Leonardo Index: http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/tracks/world/alltimes/brand:all,cat:,class:all,xctype:all,club:all,pilot:0_30215,takeoff:all :

Dave Turner Flight Archive Index

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Dave is the owner/instructor of Sierra Paragliding.  Dave also works with other schools, including Eagle Paragliding (Santa Barbara winters)

Description yr_mo-day
Santa Barbara Local Saturday 2014_03-15
Santa Barbara EJs to Santa Paula 2014_03-08
Santa Barbara EJs to Santa Paula 2014_01-02
New California PG Distance Record / 172 Miles 2013_07-14
First Full Crossing of the High Sierra on a Paraglider  2013_07-01
Nine Mile to Swall Meadows / 121 Miles 2013_06-27


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