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John Greynald Deployment
Thursday, New Year's Day, 1/1/2015

Robert Bernstein's notes and photos of John Greynald's reserve deployment over Tunnel Tit on New Years Day 2015

copied from: http://www.edhat.com/site/tidbit.cfm?nid=145857
posted Jan 01, 2015, 5:56 PM

Today I was hiking on Mission Ridge, near the Tunnel Trail and the Rattlesnake Connector Trail junction.

As I was heading down the Rattlesnake Connector Trail at 12:35PM I heard a loud sound behind me and I turned back to see a hang glider plummeting to the ground. I was horrified, then delighted to see a small parachute deploy.

The hang glider continued to fall, but at a speed that apparently allowed the pilot to survive. They say if you can walk away, it is not a "crash".

Web Editor Notes / updated 1/10/2015

The photos are archived here without edits as copied from the web link above with the exception of the middle photo zoom (cz suffix) which was missing from the posted set.

No edits were done to avoid successive jpg image compression degradation with the exception of the middle zoom image (cz suffix).  There was no zoom posted for that image (c suffix) so I made one from the full size image to complete the set.

There are 5 distinct photos, but each has a 800 x 800 zoom, so there are 10 files total.

The full size images are 3264 x 2448 with what appears to be medium jpg compression.  I suspect that Richard Bernstein might have a version of the full size images with less compression, but I don't know.  You can contact Richard via his web link above.

To date, I am not aware of John Greynald posting his recollection of the incident, but I will invite him to contribute his perception.